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Health and Safety Program

IKON holds safety as a core value, and our operational excellence goal is to ensure all projects have zero incidents. IKON holds an unwavering commitment to the people we employ and the communities that we serve. We recognize that we are not only serving our clients, but also serving our client’s customers, neighbors and regulators. IKON brings a behavior-based safety culture to all projects. This culture is founded on the premise that nothing matters more than safety. Our expectations are that all employees choose to work safely. We listen to, and act upon, any idea that makes people safer.

We offer a variety of health and safety programs and training to our staff including:
Behavior-Based Safety; Excavation Safety; Hazardous Materials Management; General Construction Safety; Welding and Cutting; Electrical Safety; Controls to Minimize Exposures; Material Handling; Preparation of Site Specific Health and Safety Plans; Confined Space Entry and Rescue; Ladders and Scaffolds; Employee Training and Medical Monitoring; Site Inspections; Housekeeping

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A Focus On Leadership Training

This environment also requires that people exercise their responsibility to look out for one another and to question, pause, or stop work activities that are unexpected or potentially unsafe. We value people who place safety over schedule and cost, and actively engage workers, subcontractors, and others to share ideas about how to make work activities safer.  Effective leadership is crucial to the success of our safety culture. At IKON, safety leadership begins at the top and permeates through the entire organization. This is evidenced by IKON’s outstanding EMR safety metrics and are the results of continuous commitment to instill a culture of safety at all levels of project planning and execution. 



IKON has the expertise to handle all your environmental, geotechnical and civil construction projects. We cultivate a partnership with our clients to meet their objectives and complete their projects safely, on-time and within budget. Our highly trained and long-term industry experienced professionals possess the skills necessary to participate with the client and regulatory agencies to develop solutions to complex challenges.


IKON holds safety as a core value to insure all projects have zero incidents. IKON employs a behavior-based safety program which is a peer-to-peer driven process designed to improve safety awareness and make safe behavior and safe workplace conditions part of our corporate culture. Our employees are our most valuable assets, and IKON is fully dedicated to protecting the health and safety of all our employees as well as our community.


IKON is committed to maintaining the highest standards of ethical conduct in all its dealing with employees, customers, suppliers and the communities we serve. IKON has worked hard to earn our outstanding reputation, and we strive to hold ourselves and our colleagues accountable to conduct themselves with integrity on all projects.


Protecting the environment is one of the guiding principles in how we conduct ourselves. We are committed to performing in an environmentally responsible way without impact to the communities we work in. This commitment is demonstrated through our environmental management program. We work closely with our clients to develop innovative and sustainable solutions.

Our Statement of Qualifications
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IKON Environmental Solutions, LP, provides clients with unique solutions to environmental needs. Our success is built upon providing safe, practical, cost-effective solutions to environmental challenges.

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