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IKON Environmental Solutions, LP is a full-service remediation and construction company. With over 45-years of project management experience in environmental construction, we offer a wide range of services to the industrial, oil & gas, chemical, engineering, consulting and government sectors.

Social responsibility is at the core of everything we do at IKON. Each project is undertaken with the sincere ambition of providing lasting benefits, not just for our clients and employees, but for the communities and environment we're working to restore.


Remediation Services

  • Soil Excavation
  • Landfill Caps, Cell Construction & Capping
  • Soil Solidification & Sludge Stabilization
  • Lagoon/Pond Maintenance & Closures
  • System Installation (Soil Vapor, Air Sparging & Groundwater Treatment)
  • AST Installation/Removal
  • UST Removal
  • Waste Sampling, Characterization, Transportation & Disposal
  • Site Maintenance (Mowing, Grubbing, Stripping)
  • Decontamination
  • Demolition
  • Drum Recovery & Removal
  • Civil Construction
  • Concrete Work
  • Bioremediation

Here at IKON, our team of dedicated managers and experienced field employees utilize a range of expertise and dependably maintained equipment to efficiently manage costs and meet project timelines. We work in direct tandem with our clients, committing ourselves to the provision of quality solutions proven to safely and accurately expedite each and every project.

IKON's commitment to health & safety is carried out through a behavioral based program developed to minimize hazardous conditions for our employees in both work and home environments. Our top-down approach holds all employees responsible and dedicated to performing daily tasks in a safe and efficient manner.

1102 Ralphcrest Drive
Houston, TX 77039

email: sales@ikonenviro.com

Office: 281-766-IKON | Fax: 281-973-0010