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Established in 2009, IKON Environmental Solutions, LP represents core values our clients, and our community, can appreciate. We provide the highest quality project management, with the experience and education to manage the delicate inter-relationship between safety, regulations and cost-controls, the cornerstones that are essential in today's environmental workplace.

Our field supervisors and technicians are all hand selected to provide the most extraordinary, experienced and efficient crews in the business. Many of our field supervisors have more than a decade of personal experience solely in the environmental industry.

IKON's professional staff, encompassing procedural, health and safety, and daily administrative support technicians, has been chosen for individual proficiency in their particular discipline. As important as their abilities are to the daily operation of the company, their genuine willingness to provide the best service to our customers makes us unique. IKON provides the highest quality of service, for the lowest possible price.

IKON Environmental Solutions, LP wants to be a part of your next project team!

Who We Are

Meet IKON's President

Jesse Gonzales

With 20 years' experience in the environmental construction industry, Mr. Gonzales founded IKON Environmental Solutions, LP in 2009. Prior to establishing his own business, Mr. Gonzales served as the President of Columbia Environmental Services, another successful business he helped to build from the ground floor up.

As President, Mr. Gonzales oversees all personnel and the management of each remediation / construction project undertaken by IKON. His extensive knowledge and leadership skills have helped IKON to grow into the enormously successful and reputable business that it is today.

Meet IKON's Vice President

Greg Blomquist

Mr. Blomquist has 25 years' experience in the environmental construction industry, having worked alongside Jesse Gonzales as another founding partner of Columbia Environmental Services prior to making the transition to IKON in November 2010. As Vice President, Mr. Blomquist plays an enormous role in the success of IKON, tackling the responsibilities of Chief Estimator and Lead Project Manager.

His obligations include preparation of proposals, estimations, invoicing and cost tracking, in addition to heading up the company's projects. Mr. Blomquist specializes in working with the client to create innovative ways to cost effectively achieve their project goals.


  • Backhoes, Excavators and Dozers
  • Lowboy, Van and Float Trailers
  • Loaders and Motor Graders
  • Compressors, Compactors
  • Dump Trucks and Roll Off Trucks
  • Vacuum Trucks and Air Movers
  • Roll-off Trailers
  • Roll-off Trucks
  • End-dump Trailers
  • Tractor-Trailer Combinations
  • Local Freight Vans

IKON owns a wide range of equipment with the ability to move special waste safely and reliably, routinely handling hazardous and non-hazardous, liquid, sludge, and solid wastes in both bulk and containerized packages. In addition, we have service contracts with many rental companies if specialty equipment is necessary or logistics requires it.

Whether shipping large amounts of waste materials or less-than-truckload quantities of waste, customers rely on IKON to provide all needed transportation. Available are a variety of earth moving, water treatment and material handling machinery, including (but not limited to) those listed left.


IKON's personnel have extensive experience with a wide range of contaminants, industries, facility types and regulatory requirements. IKON has flourished with each passing year, experiencing exponential growth of more than 25% per annum since 2009.


Safety is the most important aspect of IKON's service to our customers. We pride ourselves on the preservation of safe working conditions to minimize risks to our employees, subcontractors, visitors and the general population. This is evident by our low Experience Modification Rate (EMR) and low Incident Rate.


Quality service is a condition of survival in this industry, and our responsibility to ensure the longevity of dependable relationships with our clients. IKON's executive management staff is actively involved in daily operation, ensuring that services continually exceed our clients' requirements and expectations, while keeping costs low.


  • Commercial General Liability
    • $1M (ea. occurrence)
  • Excess/Umbrella Liability
    • $10M (ea. occurrence)
  • Automobile Liability
    • $1M (ea. accident)
  • Workers Comp & Employers' Liability
    • $1M (ea. accident)
  • Pollution Liability
    • $1M (Agg/Occ)

IKON maintains a comprehensive liability and workers compensation insurance program that covers all operations. IKON and its employees are insured with the comprehensive coverages listed left.

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